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SchoolBeat.cymru is a bilingual site from the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme, providing information and resources for pupils, teachers, parents and partners to reinforce the key messages delivered by our School Community Police Officers in primary and secondary schools as well as alternative educational settings.

The website focuses on the three main themes of the Programme: drug and substance misuse, personal safety and safeguarding, and social behaviour and community.

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Officer Blog 8: County Lines

In this film PC Sweetman talks about County Lines.

“County Lines” is used to describe the organised, illegal movement of drugs, from the bigger cities into smaller towns and rural areas, often using children and vulnerable adults.

Criminal groups look at recruiting and using young people to carry drugs. It is common for young members of criminal groups to target other young people, especially those who are attracted to the image and status the group seem to offer.

In this film PC Sweetman explains that if you or someone you know is worried about anything relating to gangs or County Lines there are things that can be done.

For a child or young person finding a trusted adult like a parent or carer is a good place to start.

At school, children can always talk to a teacher or the School Community Police Officer.

There is also help online by contacting Childline or Meic Cymru who will look to guide and support.

Fearless.org is another way to seek help. Contacting Fearless is totally anonymous and their online service means that a person can report any crime or concern they may have. They will not take any personal details and the person reporting cannot be traced.

Please remember the police are also there to help if something goes wrong. The Police can be contacted on 101, or 999 in an emergency.

Together we can help keep our children safe.

Officer Blog 7: Preventing Extremism

At a time when terrorist threats and activities are in the news, it is natural that parents might be anxious about how their children might be influenced online. It is true that the internet and social media are used by extremists to promote their ideology and recruit or radicalise people, including young people, however, these instances are rare in Wales.

Our SchoolBeat officer gives some advice in the vlog and points to some sources of help and support if you have concerns about your child and radicalisation. The Welsh Government offers some guidance for parents and carers online.

Safeguarding children from online abuse

You can report terrorism related content to the police's Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit.

If you are concerned about your child or another family member or friend being radicalised you can seek advice from the police by calling 101 and, if necessary, complete a Prevent referral form so that they can receive local safeguarding support.

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