Tricked and Trapped

County Lines

About this Lesson

These resources have been designed to support children and young people, especially those who are vulnerable, between the ages of 12–16 who are susceptible to being groomed for County Lines crimes.

The high impact film (based on true events) delivers strong visual content showing the impact on the victim, their family and the wider community of becoming engaged in such activities.

The content also enables children and young people to understand the process of grooming and to reflect on the impact of being involved in County Lines and how activities and events can quickly spiral out of control

The workshops will empower children, young people and the vulnerable as well as parents and carers on how to support themselves, siblings and friends.

In Wales, we recommend that, whenever possible, a trained School Community Police Officer (SCPO) delivers the input, so that any disclosures can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Remember, there are follow up resources available to support the input on our Teacher section.

Working with Partner Agencies

This resource was developed by SchoolBeat in conjunction with Sign, Sight and Sound, Barnardos Cymru and North Wales Police.

Permissions for the ‘Are You Listening’ film were kindly given by our colleagues in Leicestershire Police.

‘I Am You’ – Film and Graphic Novel

Available in English, British Sign Language and Welsh.

I Am You (Video)
I Am You [Sign Language and Subtitles] (Video)
Fi Wyt Ti (Video)
Graphic Novel I Am You (PDF)
Nofel Graffig Fi Wyt Ti (PDF)

Parent and Adult Session

The ‘Tricked and Trapped’ Parents and Adults presentation and accompanying films can be used to raise awareness within the school or wider community about the issue of criminal exploitation of children (also known as County Lines), the signs to look for and what to do if you need to report concerns.

Parents Presentation (PPTX)
Parents Session Resource 1 Spot the Signs (PPTX)
Parents Session Resource 2a Heading Cards (PPTX)
Parents Session Resource 2b CCE Stages Cards (PDF)

KS3 Lesson

The ‘Tricked and Trapped’ resource is for Police Officers working with children and young people, partner agencies and teachers to educate children and young people between 12–16 years of age about criminal exploitation.

Keywords and Definitions KS3 Tricked and Trapped (PPTX)
Lesson Plan KS3 Tricked and Trapped (PDF)
KS3 Tricked and Trapped (PPTX)
Resource 1 Spot the Signs (PPTX)
Resource 2 Rights (PDF)
Resource 3 Pause and Rewind Activity (PPTX)
Resource 4 My Pledge Postcards (PDF)