Alcohol-Awareness Week 2015

During Alcohol Awareness Week, Alcohol Concern call on local authorities and other organisations, from pharmacies to treatment service providers, to get involved in raising awareness of alcohol issues and the impact it can have on our health and communities. This year, the theme for Alcohol Awareness Week will be ‘the impact of alcohol on health and society’.

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'Working Together to Reduce Harm' is the Welsh Government’s 10 year plan to tackle the problems caused by drugs and alcohol in Wales. Published in 2008, it sets out a clear national programme for tackling and reducing the harms associated with substance misuse.

It is structured around four action areas:

  • preventing harm
  • supporting substance misusers
  • supporting families
  • tackling availability and protecting individuals and communities.

Advice and Help

For help and advice, visit:

  • Call – 080880 23456
  • Text – 84001
  • Call – 0800 1111
  • DAN 24/7 is the bilingual all-Wales drug and alcohol helpline. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls from UK landlines are free (some mobile phone networks may charge).
  • Call: 0808 808 2234
  • Or text DAN to: 81066

Speak to your parents, teacher, school councillor, nurse or your School Community Police Officer; they will be there to listen to you.

For Pupils

Pupils can learn more on our activity pages:

For Teachers

  • Download the follow-up activities for lessons from our drug and substance misuse strand.
  • Book in your School Community Police Officer to deliver a lesson or assembly.

For Parents

As part of our funding comes via the Welsh Government’s ‘Working Together to Reduce Harm’, education on the dangers of alcohol forms a large part of our core programme via the drug and substance misuse strand.

  • Watch the interview with School Community Police Officer PC John-Paul Rowlands-Ralph.