Anti-Bullying Week 2014

This year's anti-bullying week has the theme "Let's Stop Bullying For All".  Any kind of bullying has the possibility of seriously upsetting someone and making our communities much less happy places to be.  This year the particular focus is on putting an end to bullying all children and young people, particularly those with special educational needs or disabilities.

For Pupils


Our learning and activity pages:

Are You Being Bullied?

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Film Competition

Song Writing Competition

Let's Stop Bullying For All. #StopBullying

For Teachers

  • We have anti-bullying materials for use in schools.
  • Contact your SCPO to request an anti-bullying lesson or assembly.
  • Your class could submit an entry for the Welsh Government film idea competition – see the information across the page.
  • Your pupils could submit entries for the Anti-Bullying Alliance song-writing competition – details are also across the page.

For Parents

Bullying is a key issue for the Programme. Certain lessons deal directly with the topic while others have it embedded as an intrinsic element within it.

PC Thomas interviewed about cyberbullying

PC Penrose interviewed about bullying