Keeping children safe online for families

A recent survey undertaken by insurers Zurich has revealed that one-in-10 seven to 17-year-olds claim they are unmonitored online during the lockdown as theirs parents face the challenge of working from home and home schooling.

The company said it found that a fifth of those surveyed admitted chatting to strangers online and that children as young as seven spend nearly three hours a week broadcasting live videos of themselves.

Zurich said the survey, commissioned as part of England’s Safer Schools initiative, showed a rise of 17% in live streaming since schools closed.

The survey also revealed that nearly three-quarters of children had a camera on their computers.

The survey was led by child protection specialists the Ineqe Safeguarding Group, who’s CEO Jim Gamble said: "Whilst everyone is locked down in their homes, there may be a tendency to think that our children and young people are somehow safer, simply because we know exactly where they are. However, the truth is that they might not be.

"Children will be spending more time online than ever before. They may be tempted to join groups, share intimate images and participate in live-streaming activity as they attempt to build an online audience”.

It is important that we also keep in mind that there are also a significant number of sex offenders also online with the intention of harming children.

In support of keeping children safe online there are a host of excellent online activities to do with children and young people ages 4–14+ check out the following:

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Hwb:  https://hwb.gov.wales/zones/online-safety/

Ineq: www.ineqe.com

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