Live Stream and Vlog Safely




“Live streaming is highly appealing to children and young people as it presents a chance for them to be a creator or presenter of content and be seen by a potentially huge audience.”
Marie Smith, Head of Education, CEOP

What are the risks to children?

• Live streaming apps allow others to follow and view children – Privacy settings always need to be checked.

• Live streaming happens in the moment – Children risk doing or sharing too much.

• Live broadcasting in a private space - This can exacerbate a child’s vulnerability.

• Reduced inhibitions – children may behave differently online.

• Dependent on age, children will need different levels of support – Being alone can expose children to adults with criminal intentions.

• Tactics such as trickery and flattery – Some adults manipulate children through compliments and rewards. Children can find themselves undressing or behaving in a sexual manner.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) data has found that a little over a third (38%) of reports to the organisation on child sexual abuse online were now what is termed as ‘self-produced’. This term refers to a scenario where the child is alone, or with other children and is persuaded or groomed into taking images or videos of child sexual abuse and then to share them.

The IWF’s Online Child Sexual Exploitation: Examining the Distribution of Captures of Live-streamed Child Sexual Abuse research found that:

  • 96% of victims were girls.
  • 96% showed a child on their own, in a home environment.
  • 98% of images found were of children aged 13 and under.
  • 28% were aged 10 or under.
  • The youngest child was aged just three years old.

Helping Children and Young People Live Stream and Vlog Safely

Live streaming is increasingly becoming one of the most popular online activities for children and young people. Apps such as Musical.ly, Live.me, Periscope and YouNow are all soaring in popularity, and other well established apps such as Facebook are adding live streaming functions.

#LiveSkills Teacher Resources @ www.thinkyouknow.co.uk

#LiveSkills is a package of resources focusing on live streaming for primary and secondary aged pupils.

#LiveSkills explores the nuanced features and specific risks to children and young people.

#LiveSkills covers:
• Self-esteem for 8-11 year olds
• Positive and negative attention for 8-11 year olds
• Charlie’s story - Case study for 13+ year olds
• Article focusing on identifying and responding safely to pressure online - 11-13 and 14+ year olds
• A 30 min presentation for parents/carers explaining live streaming
• All resources are designed to be delivered by professionals working directly with children and young people.

Professionals Online Safety Helpline

Free support to members of the children’s workforce in the UK with an online safety concern.
helpline[at]saferinetnet.org[dot]uk 0844 381 4772


Read up on the app or platform to learn how to use the app safely.

Check privacy settings to ensure that only friends and followers are selected.

Switch off Geo-location on the app, device or platform.

Parents are advised to follow or friend their child’s account to support and safeguard.

Encourage children to think critically about what they share.