Police safeguarding the children of Wales through crime prevention education

School Community Police Officers (SCPOs) have been privileged to deliver The All-Wales School Liaison Core Programme in schools across Wales for the last 12 years. The unique partnership between the four Police Forces of Wales, Education and Welsh Government has flourished and all partners have worked together to help keep young people safe and out of the Criminal Justice System.

In 2015–2016 a National Review of the Programme was carried out. As a result, to help us improve the service we provide to the young people of Wales the following developments will be implemented:

The delivery of crime prevention lessons and safeguarding activities in every school in Wales will continue to be a focus for the Schools Community Police Officers, there will however, be some changes to the model of delivery.

The Matrix of lessons offered will focus on Substance Misuse, Child Sexual Exploitation and Safe Relationships deliveries (known as the Critical Core) and then allow for the SCPOs to respond to local issues and concerns (Targeted and Support menus). The high standards of delivery and good practice will continue.

The SCPOs will devote the remainder of their time to restorative practice and safeguarding activities, often working with partners to ensure the best service for young people in their local area.

Faith McCready, the National Coordinator for the Programme said:

“We are very proud of the strong relationships the SCPOs have built up in every school in Wales. The amended Programme will continue to provide the same opportunities for engagement and respond to the needs of children and young people in Wales.”