St Cyres’ Hosts Minister for Alcohol Awareness Session

Minister and School Liaison Coordinators welcomed at St Cyres School

PC Emma gathers pupil attitudes to alcohol

Discussing the role of a School Community Police Officer

Minister for Social Services and Public Health with National Coordinator for All Wales School Liaison Core Programme

Vale of Glamorgan PC Emma Mudie with South Wales coordinator Catherine Lewis and National Lead Faith McCready

National Coordinator of the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme, Faith McCready and St Cyres School Headteacher, Dr Hicks welcomed Welsh Government Minister Rebecca Evans to the Penarth secondary school.

The Minister for Social Services and Public Health was there to see local School Community Police Officer Emma Mudie deliver an alcohol awareness session to a Year 8 class.  Thinking About Drinking is a lesson which introduces themes of alcohol use and misuse to secondary pupils.  
Speaking about the lesson, PC Emma said,

“I think it’s very important that we give pupils the facts about alcohol and its use because it ensures they have the knowledge and understanding to help them make positive choices about their own alcohol consumption. 

“What I hope the pupils take away from the lesson is knowledge about the Law, that alcohol is dangerous for them to drink, but that it can be used safely in other contexts – by adults, or in cooking.  Young people will be exposed to the stereotypes of drinking in our society, which may lead them to binge drink and behave in a rowdy and thoughtless way.

“Wiser behaviours such as moderation, keeping track of units, or avoiding alcohol altogether should be discussed and put into a proper context.  Getting the facts across about alcohol at a young age gives them the tools to make better decisions in later life.”

PC Emma received a warm welcome from the Year 8 class, many of whom recalled her work in primary schools.  Her presentation advanced from the pupils’ existing understanding to look at the health risks and possible social consequences of alcohol use, introducing the Law and up to date information on the Government’s healthy limits and also discussing the help and advice available from organisations such as Dan 24/7.

Class activities during the lesson gave the Minister a chance to speak to PC Emma about her experiences on the front line of crime prevention education in Wales.  After the lesson, Minister Evans said,

“The pupils build on what they have learnt before about the topic.  They are engaged and are enjoying learning.”

National Coordinator Faith McCready said,

“It was a pleasure to welcome Rebecca Evans to see first hand what the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme is about and the way in which we seek to inform young people and reduce the harms to their wellbeing though our work in the classroom.  I would like to thank the staff and pupils of St Cyres School for their welcome and opportunity to demonstrate our work today.

“PC Emma Mudie has represented the Programme very well.  I think her work today reflects positively on the work of all school officers in the four police forces of Wales.

“I’m looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Welsh Government, both our regular scheduled lessons as well as hopefully developing some new projects to fulfil safeguarding goals that we are looking into.”

PC Emma also said:

“I’m grateful to St Cyres School both for hosting the Minister today and also for working closely with me and maintaining the link between school and School Community Police Officer.”