National Child Sexual Exploitation
Awareness Day 2018

National CSE Awareness Day calls on all parts of government and society to work together to spot, report, and stop the sexual exploitation of children.

Three Key Points for Anyone Online

  • Be careful when sharing things online
  • People online might not be who they claim to be
  • If someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult you trust

Advice for Social Media Users

  • Remember that if you send a picture you may lose control of it: it can be sent on and shared
  • Only share things online that you would show to everyone
  • If someone online threatens you or if you are asked something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult you trust

Need advice?

  • Talk to MEIC, the advice service for young people in Wales
  • Free phone 08 08 80 23456
  • Text 84001
  • Chat online at
  • Talk to Childline on Free Phone 0800 1111
  • You can use the Click CEOP
    button on many websites

Advice for Parents

  • Talk to your children often about their online activities
  • Make sure your child only uses sites appropriate for their age
  • Make sure their age is correctly entered – do not let them claim to be older than they are
  • Concerns can be reported anonymously to Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

Advice for Teachers

File link icon for How-can-you-safeguard-children-from-sexting-guide.pdfHow can you safeguard children from sexting
Safeguarding Internet Safety
Year 2 – Safe Haven
Year 4 – Friend or Foe Target
Year 9 – Dangerous Deception Critical
Year 10 – No Means No Critical
Year 11 – Rights and Responsibilities
Year 3 – Stay SMART Target
Year 6 – Be Cyber Safe Target
Year 7 – Risky Pics Target
Year 9 – Look Who's Talking Target