Transcript: Online Safety Podcast

“Hello my name is PC Underhill and I am a School Community Police Officer here in Wales. My job is to keep children and young people safe.

“Part of my role is delivering education, to children from 5 to 16. The SchoolBeat Programme covers a range of topics which include; safety, substance misuse and behaviour. In relation to safety, we have a range of inputs on Internet safety.

“With so many of us online, it’s a good time to think about the great benefits of using the Internet and discuss how to keep safe.

“Learning online is great and there’s lots of excellent and safe, educational websites for you to enjoy.

“Today, I would like to share with you a few top tips for staying safe online.

  • Take time as a family to explore favourite sites and apps. This is a great way to understand what children and young people like to do online. Older children will most likely be encouraged by families taking an interest in what they know about using online apps. They sometimes know more than adults!

  • Talk often about what you are enjoying online. Talking frequently about online safety; such as not sharing personal information while online is important.

  • It is a good idea to create space in the day where children and young people can talk to a trusted adult about anything that has upset or worried them online. Think about when this might work best for your family. It could be at meal times or bedtime.

“Here at SchoolBeat we have lots of resources that can be accessed on our website at, take a look at our activities that support learning around Internet safety and other topics.

Thank you for listening and please keep each other safe online!”