Transcript: Online Safety Podcast 2

“Hello my name is PC Underhill and I am a School Community Police Officer here in Wales. My job is to keep children and young people safe.

“Many children take and share photos and videos online. It is important that children stay safe.

“Whether sharing pre-recorded films or live streaming consider:

  • Do I have permission from others in this picture or film to share it? If not, then it shouldn’t be shared.

  • Would I want this picture or film to be seen by member of my family? If not, then it shouldn’t be shared

  • Who am I sending this to? Do I only know this person online? Have a discussion with your family about people online. Not everyone is truthful when online and nobody should send things to people only know online.

  • How do I really look in this? Do we want to capture this moment and post it online where it can stay forever? We all may do silly things sometimes and we may not always consider the consequences of posting online. Talking about this with our families is really important.

“And finally:

  • Is it legal? A naked or semi naked image of a person under the age of 18 is called an indecent image of a child. It is a serious offence to make, ask another to make, to have or share these types of images. Everyone needs to understand that once an image has been posted online, they lose control of it forever.

“Although sharing a naked selfie is a serious offence, the police make it a priority to keep young people safe and will act to help when young people look for support in this type of situation.

“If you know of someone who has shared something they wish they hadn’t, they should ask the person it was shared with to delete it immediately. If it has been posted online then they should report it to the website where the image appears. The website can remove it.

“You can also contact Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP), who will not judge but are there to help.

“Concerns around grooming or sexual abuse can also be reported to CEOP at CEOP can offer children and young people support from a specialist Child Protection Advisor.

“Here at SchoolBeat we have lots of resources that can be accessed on our website at Take a look at our activities that support learning around Internet safety and other topics.

Thank-you for listening and please help our children stay safe online!”