As a means of marking IDAHO - International Day Against Homophobia (17th May, 2011) Dyfed Powys Police showed their support by wearing the ‘Zero Tolerance Stop Homophobia’ Orange IDAHO Awareness Ribbons. The force is committed to raising awareness of equality and diversity within the organisation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (L G B & T) staff.  Hate Crime Support Officers, School Community Police Officers and Neighbourhood Policing teams were seen to be wearing ribbons within their communities. 

Rhian Glynn, the Force’s Hate Crime Community Engagement Officer said: “The ribbon is something that was worn to mark the day, but staff can continue wearing it on a daily basis to show their support of a zero tolerance approach to homophobia.” 

During the week SCPOs actively raised awareness of IDAHO in secondary schools and delivered relevant Core Programme diversity lessons and assemblies.

An officer commented,

“I was approached by a number of people who were interested to know why I was wearing an orange ribbon. I was able to highlight the IDAHO day and its importance.”

The rainbow flag was also flown from Police Head Quarters to mark the day.