Young people warned of the dangers of crime

A play and a series of workshops aimed at educating young people to the dangers of criminality, drugs and alcohol misuse was held in secondary schools throughout Pembrokeshire in March 2012.

The event is a multi-agency initiative that involves a play and interactive workshops highlighting the consequences of crime and substance misuse on individuals and communities.

The event is organised by Dyfed Powys Police School Community Police Officers (SCPOs), Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service (MAWWF), Magistrates Courts, Youth Offending Teams (YOT), Safer Underage Drinking and Drugs Service (SUDDS), and Victim Support.

Aimed at 11 to 13-year-olds, the event complements the work of the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme, (AWSLCP), which is jointly funded by the Welsh Government and all four Welsh Police Forces and operates in primary and secondary schools across Wales.

SCPO Thomas said: “The play focuses on an individual who starts out committing petty crime but progresses to more serious crime and the consequences of their actions on themselves their family, friends and the community.”

Students also take part in six interactive workshops that explore the key themes of the play and offer advice and key messages on how to avoid a life of substance misuse and criminality.