Operation BANG

Operation BANG (Be a Nice Guy) is a national initiative run by the 4 Police forces in Wales. It raises awareness of personal safety during the seasonal period around Halloween and Bonfire Night and helps to reduce anti-social behaviour in our communities.  The All Wales School Liaison Core Programme Schools’ officers play an important part in promoting safety messages and raising awareness of the need for all pupils to be considerate to others.

A bilingual assembly presentation is available for the officers to deliver in all their schools from mid October through to November 5th.  Large numbers of young people from the age of 5 -16 are reminded of their own personal safety and their responsibility towards others in their communities through the presentations.  They are also made aware of the consequences of any anti-social behaviour. 

The assembly deliveries are supported by other anti-social behaviour lessons.  Posters are distributed to schools and pupils directed to the www.schoolbeat.org website for further information.