Summer Schemes

During the summer holidays the School Community Police Officers were involved in a highly successful partnership scheme with the Rhyl West Marshalls and the Conwy and Denbighshire Prevent and Deter Team.

The aim of the Marshalls scheme is to provide diversionary activities for children and young people during the summer holidays.

Activities such as football coaching and hill walking were organised over the six week holiday period. On average approximately 15 to 20 young people attended each event.

The hill walking proved to have a very positive effect on the young people involved. The young people were transported to the venues via minibus where picnic lunches, walking boots and wet weather clothing were made available for those who required it. Many of the youngsters had preconceived ideas of police officers and felt quite daunted to be spending the day with four serving police officers. One of the officers   brought his black Labrador dog along as company and the dog certainly helped to break the ice so that the young people relaxed and enjoyed.  Although some found the walk challenging they were encouraged by other team members so that all achieved the finish.

By the end of each day, it was clear that there were leaders and followers amongst the groups and many showed signs of having excellent communication skills and team-working abilities. The young people were all presented with a certificate at the end of the summer period in recognition of their participation.

Also the Prevent and Deter Team supported by the School Community Police Officers covering Conwy and Denbighshire provided various opportunities for young people who were referred from various agencies.

The coordinator organised four fly fishing and four coarse fishing days. The groups were small with no more than 6 young people involved at a time as the one to one involvement of the youngsters and volunteers helped to break down barriers and build up trust between the young people and those that they perceive to be the authoritative figures. Generally, the youngsters enjoyed the coarse fishing more than the fly fishing because they tend to catch more fish even though they have to put them back. Some of the officers were competent fishermen, and the young people realised quickly that with a little bit of help would result in a much more productive day.

By the end of each day, the young people were comfortable in the officers’ company and felt confident to ask questions and to ask for help. This quality time spent with an adult doing an activity they had not previously experienced helped build their self confidence and self belief. It also helped to overcome the preconceived ideas that many of these young people have about people in authority and in particular police officers.