Learning with Your SCPO

The All Wales School Liaison Core Programme is a series of lessons that span Foundation Phase to Key Stage 4 (pupils aged 5–16) raising awareness of community issues and promoting crime prevention. These messages are delivered by School Community Police Officers (SCPO).

The programme is a spiral scheme of work. Each lesson is age appropriate and has up to date contents building on the previous one. The Lesson Matrix shows the extent of the Programme available to schools. Follow-up work for teachers on these topics is available in the teachers section.

As part of the Programme, Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) is explored as an important issue in a number of lessons. ASB can be a feature of a number of unacceptable behaviours such as bullying, driving without the car owner’s permission and hate crimes. Three lessons deal directly with the topic. They are described below:

Foundation Phase - Right or Wrong (5–7 year olds)

Upper Key Stage 2 - I Didn’t Think (9–11 year olds)

Key Stage 3 - Kiddo’s Choice (11–13 year olds)

Key Stage 4 - Rights and Responsibilities (14–16 year olds)