What Does the Law Say?

  • Anti-social behaviour
    and the Law



    Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour that you think may upset someone and is wrong or is against the law.



  • Local Authorities aim to reduce and eliminate ASB in the community.

    There is a 4 stage process which is implemented when ASB is identified.

  • The 4 stage process

    Stage 1

    A warning letter is sent to the child or young person’s parents or carers telling them about the anti-social behaviour.

  • Stage 2

    Another warning letter is hand delivered to explain what will happen if your child or youngster continues to behave anti-socially.

  • Stage 3

    You and your child will be asked to come to a meeting where you will be asked to sign an agreement known as an


    This determines how your child will behave in future.

  • Stage 4

    This is a last resort and involves court action to apply for a

    Civil Injunction
    (formerly known as an ASBO or ASBI)

    • Lasts for up to a year
    • Can be given to anyone aged 10 and over
    • Tells people what they cannot do.
    • If broken, the Court can issue a Supervision Order or Detention Order.