Learning with Your SCPO

The All Wales School Liaison Core Programme is a series of lessons that span Foundation Phase to Key Stage 4 (pupils age 5–16 years old) raising awareness of community issues and promoting crime prevention. These messages are delivered by School Community Police Officers (SCPO).

The Programme is a spiral scheme of work with each lesson being age appropriate with up to date contents building on the previous one. The lesson matrix shows the extent of the Programme available to schools. Follow up work for teachers on these topics is also available in the teacher's section.

As part of the Programme bullying is a key issue. Certain lessons deal directly with the topic while others have it embedded as an intrinsic element within it. Click below to view our lessons:

Foundation Phase: Right or Wrong? (5–7 year olds)

Lower Key Stage 2 Sticks and Stones (7–9 year olds)

Upper Key Stage 2 Noughts and Crosses (9–11 year olds)

Upper Key Stage 2 Be Cyber Safe (9–11 year olds)

Upper Key Stage 2: The Right to Be Safe (9–11 year olds)

Key Stage 3: Breaking the Cycle (11–14 year olds)

Key Stage 3: Hidden Hurt (11–14 year olds)

Key Stage 4: Community Diversity (14–16 year olds)