What Can You Do?

Report abuse online through CEOP button.

Check out the parents section of the ThinkUKnow website at www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents

You will find lots of helpful films that show the risks to children and young people from using the Internet and how to stay safe online.

First2aMillion is a film that asks young people, “Have ever done something you regret? Ever shared something and wished you hadn’t? Would you know what to do and where to turn if you did?”

The site states, “It’s a film with a difference – you’re in control. Watch as Aleeya and Tariq battle Jamal for Internet fame. Choose the path they take, but be ready for the consequences…”

There is advice for parents to share with primary and secondary school age.


Stay safe checklist

  • I have asked my child to show me sites they use.
  • I have asked my child to set the security settings on all the technologies they use.
  • I have asked my child to only accept people they know and trust  in the real world as online “Friends”.
  • I have set safe settings on our computer/laptop and set adult content filters on my child’s smart phone.
  • My child has agreed to tell me if they are worried about something online.

Find out how to contact social media websites if a post is upsetting with this handy webpage from Thinkuknow which details how to contact the different social media sites - http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/11_13/help/contact-social-sites/

Check out ‘The Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internetfor advice on keeping your child safe online from CEOP. It aims to provide a light hearted and realistic look at what it takes to be a better online parent. The film covers topics such as, talking to your child about the technologies they use and the things they might see. 


Where’s Klaus? – Is a short film aimed at raising awareness amongst parents of various risks children may face when using the Internet; to include risks from, extreme views, pornography, violent game/website content and paedophiles.


Suitable for Age 4-7 years: Lee and Kim’s Adventures Animal Magic – Lee loves to play a game called Animal Magic on the computer. Kim likes to watch her brother Lee playing on the computer and meeting all the animals in his favourite online game. SID is a superhero who protects children on the Internet! He likes to fly around and teach children how to stay safe. He also loves to sing…


Suitable from Age 8-10 years : Jigsaw - a film which uses analogies to portray the risks of posting personal details online for everyone to see.


Suitable for 11-16:  Claire thought she knew  and Matt thought he knew – are two short films that explores the serious consequences of meeting up for real  with someone you only know through the Internet. That sometimes people are not who they say they are online and what to do if someone makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe online.


Tom’s story (more suited to older, 14-16 age) – Shows the risks of meeting  someone you only know online and the risks of posting inappropriate images of oneself on the Internet. Positively the film advises what to do if an online ‘friend’ makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.