Illegal Downloads

Downloading a song, film or television programme without paying for it is a breach of copyright.

In the UK, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 currently protects copyrighted materials and if anyone downloads or distributes copyrighted files without permission they could potentially face a civil action for thousands of pounds of damages.

Internet Service Providers (ISP) can detect connections to illegal sites and flag large file downloads.

A new survey of parents, conducted by parenting website Netmums, found many families were exposed to inappropriate online content and serious security risks, such as computer viruses and theft of personal or financial information, via illegal downloads.

Using legal sites helps to ensure that everyone who works to make a song, film or TV programme is paid fairly for their work. It’s also worth discussing with your child what the consequences would be for the whole family if they were caught breaking the law. 

If a child took a CD from a shop without paying we would consider this theft. The online world is no different.

You will find a useful guide on this topic called, ‘Music, Film, TV and the Internet – a guide for parents and teachers’ at: 

The guide aims to keep parents, teachers and young people well informed on how to stay safe and legal when enjoying entertainment on the Internet or via mobile devices.