Your Child and School

The school website

Increasingly school websites offer information to parents and pupils in an accessible and immediate way. Most websites display schedules of events, names of people to contact, rules and regulations, a focus on the schools successes and often ESTYN reports made by school inspectors. There are often useful hyperlinks to documents or organisations that may help families.

When things go wrong

Sometimes young people may use digital technologies like smartphones inappropriately and may disregard school rules around their use. Other times more serious issues may occur that are more than a breach of a school rule and are actual offences in law, such as, malicious communication and distributing indecent images of a child (anyone under 18).

School Community Police Officers (SCPOs) can support young people who are either the victim of this kind of offense or the individuals responsible for the inappropriate or unlawful behaviour. SCPOs are trained to facilitate restorative meetings. These meetings help identify the harm that has been done, how it has affected the victim and what the wrongdoer needs to do in restoring the harm done. Schools often choose to involve SCPOs in the process of dealing with these kinds of offenses.

Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)

Your child’s school will have an AUP. An AUP is a policy that outlines rules for how computers and the Internet may be used in school. The most important part of an AUP document is the code of conduct governing the behaviour of a user whilst connected to the network/Internet.

The code of conduct may include some description of what may be called netiquette, which includes such items of conduct as using appropriate/polite language while online, avoiding illegal activities, ensuring that activities the user may embark on should not cause upset or offend any other user on the system.

Schools will caution its users to not give out personal information, download any inappropriate or offensive materials and to observe all requirements outlined in the AUP.

You may be required with your child to sign an agreement, to ensure your child will observe all the boundaries set for safe and responsible Internet use in school. 

Before photographs can be taken or used by your child’s school, your permission should be sought and given. You may decline the use of your child’s image on a school website. It is advisable that a child should not be mentioned by name when their photo is used on a school website to protect their privacy.