What Can You Do?

Some useful advice to discuss… when speaking to your child about safety. You could tell them:

If you are confronted by someone armed with a knife... WALK AWAY, and ensure there's plenty of distance.

ALWAYS... report someone you 'know' or 'suspect' is carrying a knife! It could save a life... tell a trusted adult, parent, teacher or anonymously to Crimestoppers.

NEVER... believe you can reason or negotiate with a person carrying a weapon.

NEVER be tempted to carry a knife even if you think you need it! It is illegal.

If your child is being bullied or feeling threatened by someone they think is carrying a knife they should NEVER be tempted to carry one even in the belief it will protect them...most children who carry knives, say it because they are scared. This is NOT a good option! They should try to avoid situations and/or people that scare or bully...and REPORT IT!