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Save Me!

Key Fact

What is diversity?

Understanding that every person is different.

PC Powell’s Advice

PC Powell’s Advice

Preview of PC Powell’s Advice

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Top Tips


  • Hate crime is against the law.
  • Respect other people in the community, whatever their difference.
  • Treat everyone fairly.
  • Always treat others as you would expect to be treated.
  • Always think about how your behaviour affects others.
  • Get to know people before you make judgements about them.
  • Make an effort to understand other people’s differences.
  • Try to put yourself in another person’s shoes.

Things to Make You Think!


I just read some graffiti on my neighbour’s wall that said, “Gays out only real men here!”

I think this might be a hate crime but my neighbour does not want to make a fuss and report it.


PC Jones says:

By suggesting that your neighbour is not a real man because of his difference, someone is stereotyping gay men and expressing a strong negative prejudice towards them living in the community. You are right; this is a hate crime and should be reported to the police.

PC Powell’s Advice



Your school police officer is here to help you understand how to value cultural diversity and equal opportunity and respect the dignity of all.

Question and Answer

Question: Should some people be treated differently because they are not the same as me?
Answer: Everyone should be treated the same and with fairness, despite any differences in religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, culture, race or age.
Question: What should I do if I see someone hurting another person because they are different?
Answer: You should tell a trusted adult or if it is a serious incident you should ring 999. It is important to remember that hurting someone because they are different can be hate-crime.
Question: What is hate crime?
Answer: Any incident which is seen as a criminal offence by the victim, or any other person, that has been caused by prejudice or hate.

If you need help, phone ChildLine on

0800 1111

Calls are free from most mobiles and landlines.

Your call will not show up on the bill.

If you need to report a crime, call CrimeStoppers on

0800 555 111

Calls are free from most landlines.

Calls from mobiles may be charged depending on your network.

You can also call NSPCC Cymru on

0808 100 25 24

Calls are free from most landlines.

Calls from mobiles may be charged depending on your network.