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Playing Safe

Key Fact

Why is playing safely important?

Most children play safely and don’t get into danger. Sometimes playing in unsafe places can be risky.

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Top Tips


  • Ask your parents if it’s OK before you go out to play.
  • Make sure you tell your parents:
    • where you are going to play
    • who will be with you, and
    • what you are going to do.
  • Know how you are going to get there and home again.


Tarian will help you learn

  • safe and unsafe places to play,
  • how to play safely, and
  • what to do when you feel unsafe when you are playing.

Question and Answer

Question: What should I do if my friends want to play somewhere unsafe?
Answer: Make up your own mind. You can say no!
Question: Is it OK for me to go off playing by myself?
Answer: No. It’s best to stay together - play with at least one other person whenever possible.
Question: What should I do if something feels wrong?
Answer: Trust your feelings; if somewhere or something feels unsafe then it probably is dangerous.
Question: What should I do if I get lost when I am out playing?
Answer: Go to a familiar place, like a shop, and ask the shopkeeper for help.
Question: What should I do if I see one of my friends doing something dangerous?
Answer: Ask them to stop. Tell an adult you trust straight away.