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Right or Wrong?

Key Fact

What is a rule?

A rule tells us what to do to keep safe. The rules of a country are called laws.

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Top Tips


  • Think about what you do.
  • Don’t be unkind or hurt others.
  • Keep your school and community safe.
  • Always put your litter in the bin.
  • There are consequences if you break the rules.


Tarian will help you learn

  • what is right and wrong,
  • what rules are important to be safe, and
  • what is fair and unfair.

Question and Answer

Question: What should I do if I do something wrong?
Answer: Tell the truth and say sorry.
Question: What should I do if someone hurts me?
Answer: Tell an adult you trust.
Question: What should I do if I see someone damaging our school on purpose?
Answer: Tell a teacher straight away.
Question: Can I take something that’s not mine without asking?
Answer: No, you must always ask first.