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It's Your Choice

Key Fact

What is a drug?

A drug is something that changes the way your mind and body works.

PC Wathan’s Advice

Top Tips


  • Medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines.
  • Drugs can be addictive.
  • Friends who encourage you to take drugs are not really your friends.
  • If you want to look after yourself and keep your body safe and healthy, say NO!
  • Taking somebody else’s medicine can be dangerous and is against the law.

Things to Make You Think!

PC Jones says:

  • A legal drug is one that is purchased within the law or prescribed by a doctor for you. Even with legal drugs there are still rules about who can buy them and how they can be used.
  • It is dangerous to take more medicine than a doctor prescribes.
  • An illegal drug is a substance that a person is not allowed to have. It is against the law.
  • 80% of first time users are persuaded to do so by friends.
  • When taking drugs you might do something you regret.
  • You are responsible for your actions in the eyes of the law from the age of ten.


Your school police officer will help you learn

  • the difference between legal, illegal, medical and other substances; and
  • the power of peer pressure.
"Don’t listen to the voices, always make your own choices!"

Question and Answer

Question: How do I know if something is a drug?
Answer: Don’t take any risks. Anything you are unsure of just say "no".
Question: Who uses drugs?
Answer: People who are ill may use a medicine to make them better. Adults may use alcohol or cigarettes legally. There are also people who take drugs illegally.
Question: Why do people use drugs?
Answer: People may start to use drugs because their friends ask them to. This is peer pressure. Remember you can say no!
Question: What are the dangers of using drugs?
Answer: You put yourself at risk of being arrested, seriously harming yourself, an accident or even death.

If you need help, phone ChildLine on

0800 1111

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For help about drugs, phone Dan 24/7 on

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If you need to report a crime, call CrimeStoppers on

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