Noughts and Crosses

Key Fact

What is diversity?

Diversity is the understanding that every person is different.

Top Tips


  • Treat everyone fairly and don’t make someone feel bad for being different.
  • Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated yourself.
  • Get to know people before you judge them.
  • Respect other people in the community, what ever their difference.
  • Think before you speak, and try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Things to Make You Think!

PC Jones says:

Being treated badly because of being different feels very hurtful inside. This poem by Gordon Lamont is about that kind of hurt:

Grazes heal, scars outside disappear,
Soreness and bruises fade away.
In hours, days or even weeks
New skin grows so that
No one knows where the hurt has been.

Hurt feelings, scars inside unseen,
The hurt remains and even grows
For hours, days, weeks and maybe years.
It hides in us, locked in a secret place
To which we only have the key.


To value and celebrate cultural differences and diversity.

PC Stewart’s Advice

Question and Answer

Question: What should I do if I see someone hurting another person because they are different?
Answer: You should tell a trusted adult or if it is a serious incident you should ring 999. Remember that hurting someone because they are different can be hate-crime.
Question: What is hate-crime?
Answer: Any incident which is seen by someone as being that has been caused by prejudice or hate is viewed by the police as hate-crime. If someone thinks you are being mean to them because they are different, they may report this to the police as hate-crime and it will be dealt with seriously.
Question: What is meant by prejudice?
Answer: An opinion held with out having all the information or facts.
Question: What is stereotyping?
Answer: A stereotype is when you think a group of people are all the same. For example age, religion, race, gender etc.

If you need help, phone ChildLine on

0800 1111

Calls are free from most mobiles and landlines.

Your call will not show up on the bill.

If you need to report a crime, call CrimeStoppers on

0800 555 111

Calls are free from most landlines.

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