Downloading .ZIP's

Using media like sound and video clips can help keep pupils on-task during a lesson, but it can mean that you have to download lots of separate files. A “ZIP File” is a way of putting all the videos and sound in one download, which makes it a bit easier for you. This page explains how you can download and use ZIP files to show multi-media presentations.


First, download the file as you normally would, by clicking on its link in the list for each lesson.


Once it is downloaded, you click on it with the right mouse button to bring up a menu. Select “Extract all...” from the menu. A window will open to extract the files for you; just click “Next” every time until it is done, then click finish.


You should now see a folder with lots of files in it – these make up the presentation. You just need to pick out the presentation file.


Double-click the presentation file to start the presentation. When you're showing the presentation, you'll be able to start the video clips using buttons on-screen.

Downloading .PPT's and Video files

To download a PowerPoint presentation to your local machine, select the file you wish to download:



right click on the link and select "Save Target As"

Now select where you want to save the presentation


At this point you can now run the presentation either from the machine you saved it to or you can place it on a portable drive to take with you.

Downloading .PDF's

All downloadable material on this website is available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view these files, you will require Adobe Reader a free utility available for download from the Adobe website. 

For more information about accessing PDF files visit, a resource designed to help people with visual disabilities work more effectively with Adobe® Acrobat® software and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The site includes information about Acrobat 5.0, online conversion tools, Information and resources including FAQ's and links as well as downloads. 

If you are having difficulty downloading any of the resources available from this website please contact us.