The School Crime Beat Protocol

The aim of the Schoolbeat protocol is to avoid criminalising young people therefore a crime should not be recorded initially, but the incidents should be brought to the attention of the Head Teacher as soon as practicable and a joint decision made. 

The police officer will not formally record and investigate any incident in a school as a crime, unless requested to do so, or where it is so serious as to be necessary. If this does become necessary a formal crime record will be created. The Police, where possible, will follow the school’s wishes and work within school policy.  In all cases the Police will attempt to reach a mutual agreement with the school. If an incident that occurred inside school, during the school hours, is reported out-of-school hours to the Police by parents, then the incident should be dealt with in accordance with this School Crime Beat Protocol, and the school must be informed of the outcome. 

An incident may be classed as “minor” and could be dealt with internally by the school if it involves a small amount of cannabis resin that is for personal use only and the individual concerned has not similarly offended previously (The interpretation of “minor” has remained “loose‟ to allow some flexibility and to avoid legislating for every conceivable seizure). 

Possession of Class A substances such as Ecstasy, Heroin, LSD, Cocaine, Crack, etc will always be regarded as ‘serious’ and crimed. 

An incident will always be ‘serious’ and crimed if the substance has been or was intended to be supplied to any other person whether for gain or not. 

If the incident fits any of the above criteria officers must create a crime report even if this goes against the schools wishes.