Running into Trouble

Street Gangs and County Lines

About this Assembly

Know the Signs — Be Brave — Ask for Help

This assembly has been designed to raise awareness of street gangs and county lines. In essence, this presentation introduces us to the signs we should be aware of, and the potential risks that young people face as a consequence of being involved in street gangs.

Working to Prevent Criminal Exploitation

Wales Police Schools Programme works to safeguard young people against the dangers of criminal exploitation by gangs, delivering sessions in schools, including Running into Trouble and our 11–14 lesson Tricked and Trapped.

Street Gangs and County Lines Presentation

This assembly presentation is available in English and Welsh for professionals to share with pupils aged 10-16.

County Lines - Running into Trouble (PPTX)

County Lines information sheet

An informative bilingual SchoolBeat resource for practitioners which highlights the problem of County Lines in Wales. This includes the common signs to look out for when children and young people are recruited by gangs, and advice on what you should do if you have any concerns.

Taflen SchoolBeat County Lines (PDF)