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Welsh Baccalaureate

School Police Officer Assembly Guide


Wales Police Schools Programme has a variety of assembly materials prepared for delivery by our School Police Officers.

All Educational Resources

Holocaust Memorial Day • Diversity and Racism
Halloween • and Bonfire Night
Stop It Now! • Child Sexual Abuse
Stalking and Harassment • Unwanted and harmful behaviours
DAN 24/7 • Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline
Money Mules • Organised Crime
Y7 Sexting: Risky Pics
Y8 Bullying: Breaking the Cycle
Y7 Consequences of Crime: Kiddo’s Choice
Y5-6 Anti-Social Behaviour: I Didn’t Think
Y5 Anti-Social Behaviour: The Park
Y3 Bullying: Sticks and Stones
Y2 Behaviour: Right and Wrong
Y10 Driver Safety: Fatal Distraction
Y10 Diversity: Save Me!
Y9–11 Sexual Consent: No Means No
Y9 Sexual Exploitation: Dangerous Deception
Y9 Knife Crime Prevention: Why Weapons?
Y9 Domestic Abuse: Hidden Hurt
Y8 Internet Safety: Look Who’s Talking
Y8 Radicalisation: Extreme Encounters
Y8 Cyber Crime: Don’t Cross the Line
Y8 County Lines: Tricked and Trapped
Y6 Safer Relationships: The Right to Be Safe
Y6 Abuse Prevention: Griff's Story
Y5–6 Mobile Phones: Picture This!
Y5 Cyberbullying: Be Cyber Safe
Y4 Abuse Prevention: Friend or Foe
Y3 Internet Safety: Stay SMART
Y11–13 Vehicle Safety: Olivia
Y1–2 Domestic Abuse: Safe Haven
Y1 Safety: Playing Safe
Y0–2 Emergency Services: People Who Help Us
Y2 Substance Awareness: Who? What? Where?
Y10–11 Steroids and Image-Enhancing Drugs: Vanity Insanity
Y7 Alcohol: Thinking About Drinking
Y6 Alcohol & Solvents: So, What’s the Problem?
Y4 Tobacco, Alcohol & Solvents: Sinister Substances
Y7 NPS: New and Nasty
Y5-6 Drugs: It’s Your Choice
Y9 Alcohol: Double Trouble
Y10–11 Drugs: Class Act
Keeping Safe Online Conference 2023 • Online Radicalisation and Extremism
National CE Awareness Day • Think, spot and speak out against abuse
Y8 Drugs: Rue the Day
Safer Internet Day •
Anti-Social Behaviour • Awareness Week
Meic Cymru • Someone on your side
Stephen Lawrence Memorial • Diversity and Racism
#KnifeFree • UK Home Office
Parents’ Guide to Depression • Mental Health
Tackling Racism in Schools • Factsheets
Trust Me • Critically Evaluating Information
Think Before You Share Online • Internet Safety
Extremism • Classroom Resource
Running into Trouble • Street Gangs and County Lines
Don’t Cross the Line • Cyber Crime
Missing People • Runaway Helpline
Are You Fearless? • Reporting Crime
Safeguard Children from Sexting • Sexting