Missing People

Missing People

Runaway Helpline

About this Assembly

The Runaway Helpline is there to listen and offer support on 116000 and

At SchoolBeat we are proud to be promoting the dedicated work of our partners at the Missing People charity. These informative assembly presentations aim to raise awareness of their Runaway Helpline by exploring some of the statistics and reasons behind why people might go missing, as well as the risks they could face. In this presentation, children and young people can find out what they can do to help and to learn about the support that’s available for families and individuals from Missing People.

Working to support missing people

We care about the safety and welfare of our young people and their families. Our Wales Police Schools Programme aims to empower learners and their parents to seek the right support at the right time, and to understand how to keep themselves and others safe and free from harm.

Assembly Presentations

This assembly presentation is for the use of our SPOs, teachers and other professionals. The primary assembly is suitable for KS1 and KS2, whilst the secondary presentation can be delivered to KS3 and KS4. These resources are available in English and Welsh, and they include detailed notes below the slides to assist effective delivery.

Primary Assembly - Missing People (PPTX)
Secondary Assembly - Missing People (PPTX)