Who? What? Where? Take Care!

Key Fact

What is a drug?

A drug is something that changes the way your mind and body works.

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Top Tips


  • Keep medicines in a safe place.
  • Only take medicines given to you by an adult you trust.
  • Do not touch anything you are not sure of.
  • Do not touch any needles or syringes.


Tarian will help you learn

  • safety rules about medicines.
  • Medicines are drugs and must be kept in a safe place.
  • Only a trusted adult can give you medicines.

Question and Answer

Question: Who can give me medicine?
Answer: My parents, a teacher, a nurse, or a doctor.
Question: Can I take my brother’s medicine?
Answer: No, never take any one else’s medicine.
Question: What should I do if I find tablets, medicines or a syringe?
Answer: Tell a trusted adult.