Resolve UK

Anti-Social Behaviour

Awareness Week

What is Anti-Social Behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour that upsets someone is wrong or against the law.

3–9 July 2023 is Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week, coordinated by Resolve UK, a time to raise awareness and ask everyone to be kind and remember the wellbeing of others. People deserve to feel safe where they live – addressing ASB is a national priority.

Working to prevent Anti-Social Behaviour

Our School Police Officers work with all schools across Wales to safeguard children and young people. The officers discuss the law and explore choices and consequences relating to Anti-Social Behaviour in the classroom using age-appropriate films and activity resources. The overall aim of the Programme is to reduce the number of children entering the criminal justice system through the medium of crime prevention education.

Awareness at Home and in the Community

ASB and Your Child (PDF)
Sketch Up: Anti-Social Behaviour (MP4)
About ASB Awareness Week (Resolve UK) (Link)
SchoolBeat Officer Blog - Anti Social Behaviour (YouTube)