Are You Fearless?

Reporting Crime

About this Assembly

What would you do if you saw crime in your community? How can you keep yourself safe? Can you help the Police prevent crimes?

These questions are explored in three video presentations from the crime reporting service.

These sessions are designed to reassure young people that they can have a voice in reporting crime, and they can remain anonymous while giving information to, which is run by a charity whose goal is to prevent crime.

Working with

SchoolBeat promotes as an important pathway for young people to report concerns about crime. Available in English and Welsh, the service is fully anonymous, meaning that information you report won’t be traced back to you. is operated by the national CrimeStoppers charity.

Are You Fearless?

Are You Fearless? (YouTube)

“Are You Fearless?” Session

This introduction to the service is for police officers, PCSOs, teachers and youth workers to deliver. It is ideal for pupils of secondary age.

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