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National CE Awareness Day

Think, spot and speak out against abuse

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18 March is the annual day promoting awareness of the exploitation which criminals target at children and young people. The more we all know about the signs of exploitation, the sooner we can help young people who are the victims of manipulation by criminal adults. Watch our School Police Officers’ video blog to learn for yourself, and check out other resources on this page from NWG Network.

Working to prevent Child Exploitation

Wales Police Schools Programme aims to protect children through providing the School Police Officer as a trusted member of the school community. SPOs work through the year to protect young people from criminal and sexual exploitation and support teachers and professionals who have concerns.

Officer Video Blog

Messages for parents and carers from our School Police Officers. We take a look at the signs of exploitation and how you can get help and support.

Blog-Swyddogion-SchoolBeat-Diwrnnod-Ymwybyddiaeth-Camfantais-CYM-Trawsgrifiad (PDF)
Blog-Swyddogion-SchoolBeat-Diwrnnod-Ymwybyddiaeth-Camfantais-CYM (MP4)
SchoolBeat-Officer-Blog-National-CE-Day-ENG-Transcript (PDF)
SchoolBeat-Officer-Blog-National-CE-Day-ENG (MP4)

Awareness Posters

These posters help raise awareness of exploitation and signpost local help.

Poster #1 links to Meic, the children's helpline for Wales. Poster #2 links to the CYSUR service which can offer support to parents and professionals. Poster #3 has a blank spot to signpost specific local support of your choice.

1. SSIYSS poster parents - English 1 QR (PDF)
2. SSIYSS poster schools - English 2 QR (PDF)
3. NWG-CE-Spot-the-Signs-Poster (PDF)
NWG-Think-Twice-Think-Abuse-Poster-1 (PDF)
NWG-Think-Twice-Think-Abuse-Poster-2 (PDF)
NWG-Think-Twice-Think-Abuse-Poster-3 (PDF)

Say Something If You See Something

The National Working Group's campaign to raise awareness of child exploitation. Through watching for the signs and listening to young people we believe that young people can be helped into a better situation.

Stop CE (NWG Network) (Link)
Raise Awareness (NWG Network) (Link)
Say Something If You See Something (NWG Network) (Link)