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Safer Internet Day

Exploring respect and relationships online

About these Resources

Safer Internet Day is on the 8 February 2022 and ‘Exploring respect and relationships online’ is the theme.

The day gives us an opportunity to talk about how we use our technology responsibly, because each and every one of us has a role to play in being respectful online and creating a safer internet.

Working to Create a Safer Internet

This year again our School Police Officers will be supporting schools across Wales by delivering up to date lessons and assemblies. In addition, we have prepared bilingual presentations on this year’s theme, using resources from Safer Internet Day 2022 | Safer Internet Centre.

We hope you enjoy using them.

Thank you to our partners within the North Wales and Dyfed-Powys Police Cyber Protect Units along with the South Wales and Dyfed-Powys Police Media Production Departments for their help in preparing these resources.

Video Blog for Children, Young People and Schools

For Safer Internet Day 2022, we've recorded a video blog looking at respect and relationships online.

2022-SID-Transcript-of-Vlog-for-Pupils-ENG (PDF)
2022-SID-Vlog-for-Pupils-ENG (Video)

Education Packs on Hwb

UK Safer Internet Centre has created education packs to support schools to run activities and get involved in Safer Internet Day 2022. Use the contents below to view the different packs.

3 to 7-year-olds (Link)
7 to 11-year-olds (Link)
11 to 14-year-olds (Link)
14 to 18-year-olds (Link)
Parents and carers (Link)

Video Blog: Five Tips for Parents

Parents and those who look after children can check out our quick tips. A message from our officers will be circulated on social media each day of the week for Safer Internet Day.

2022-SID-Tip-1-Monday-ENG (Video)
2022-SID-Tip-2-Tuesday-ENG (Video)
2022-SID-Tip-3-Wednesday-ENG (Video)
2022-SID-Tip-4-Thursday-ENG (Video)
2022-SID-Tip-5-Friday-ENG (Video)
2022-SID-Full-Vlog-for-Parents-ENG (Video)

Advice for parents on harmful online content and viral challenges

Our quick guide on Harmful Online Challenges and Viral Content is for parents, carers and teachers alike.

SchoolBeat Leaflet Harmful Online Content (PDF)
Taflen SchoolBeat Cynnwys Niweidiol Ar-lein (PDF)

Additional Resources

SID2021 #AnInternetWeTrust - Exploring reliability in an online world

There are two presentations, one for 7–11 year olds and one for 11–16 year olds with activities.

Gwasanaeth SchoolBeat UKSIC Rhyngrwyd Ddibynadwy 11-16 oed (PPSX)
Gwasanaeth SchoolBeat UKSIC Rhyngrwyd Ddibynadwy 7-11 oed (PPSX)
SchoolBeat Assembly Safer Internet Day 2021 Age 11-16 (PPSX)
SchoolBeat Assembly Safer Internet Day 2021 Age 7-11 (PPSX)
SchoolBeat Pecyn Cwestiynau 11-16 (DOCX)
SchoolBeat Pecyn Cwestiynau 11-16 (PDF)
SchoolBeat Question Pack 11-16 (DOCX)
SchoolBeat Question Pack 11-16 (PDF)