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Safer Internet Day is held every February in over 170 different countries. The goal of the Day is to call on people across the world to work together to make the internet a safer and better place for everyone, especially for young people.

The Day is also a celebration – of everything the internet has done and can do for us all. Imagine a world without the internet – would your life change? What challenges would you face?

Working to Create a Safer Internet

Video Blog for Children, Young People and Schools

2023-Blog-Safer-Internet-Day-ENG (MP4)
Internet Safety Vlog PC Manus ENG (MP4)
Schoolbeat online gaming - English (s) (YouTube)

Video Blog: Five Tips for Parents

Parents and those who look after children can check out our quick tips.

2022-SID-Full-Vlog-for-Parents-ENG (MP4)
2022-SID-Tip-1-Monday-ENG (MP4)
2022-SID-Tip-2-Tuesday-ENG (MP4)
2022-SID-Tip-3-Wednesday-ENG (MP4)
2022-SID-Tip-4-Thursday-ENG (MP4)
2022-SID-Tip-5-Friday-ENG (MP4)

Animation: Top Tips

SID Top Tip 1 (MP4)
SID Top Tip 2 (MP4)
SID Top Tip 3 (MP4)
SID Top Tip 4 (MP4)
SID Top Tip 5 (MP4)

Advice for parents on harmful online content and viral challenges

Our quick guide on Harmful Online Challenges and Viral Content is for parents, carers and teachers alike.

SchoolBeat Leaflet Harmful Online Content (PDF)
Taflen SchoolBeat Cynnwys Niweidiol Ar-lein (PDF)