South Wales Police Public Protection Unit

Stalking and Harassment

Unwanted and harmful behaviours

About this resource

Many young people are unaware of what stalking and harassment looks like and that it is against the law. The resource helps young people to recognise these unwanted and harmful behaviours and know what to do about such unwanted attention, sign posting young people to appropriate help.

Working to prevent stalking and harassment

Our School Police Officers work with all schools across Wales to safeguard children and young people. The officers discuss the law and explore choices and consequences relating to healthy relationships in the classroom, using age-appropriate films and activity resources. The overall aim of the Programme is to prevent harm from stalking and harassment behaviours, and to reduce the number of children entering the criminal justice system through the medium of crime prevention education.

This resource is aimed at KS3 pupils and designed to be delivered by Schools Police Officers, teachers and other professionals.

Let s talk about Stalking and Harassment (PPTX)
Teacher Guidance - Unwanted Harmful Behaviour (PDF)