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Child Sexual Abuse

About Stop It Now!

Stop it Now! Wales aims to stop child sexual abuse (CSA) by encouraging abusers and potential abusers to seek help and by giving adults the information they need to protect children effectively.

Stop it Now! is funded by the Welsh Government and the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a leading UK charity working to prevent the sexual abuse of children.

As well as raising general awareness about sexual abuse, Stop it Now! is aimed at these key groups:

  •  Parents, carers and other protective adults: to give them information and support that helps them protect children and young people from sexual abuse.
  • Professionals: who work with families and children to help them respond to sexual abuse issues and concerns and embed preventative strategies into their work.
  • Politicians and key decision makers: to put preventing child sexual abuse on the political agenda and ensure policies are put in place that are best placed to protect children.

Working to Eradicate Child Abuse and Support All Who Are, or Have Been Involved, Both Perpetrators and Survivors.

Stop it Now and the Wales Police School Programme have worked closely with each other for some time, sharing a passion for safeguarding children and young people.

  • Information materials explaining how child sexual abuse happens, what the warning signs are and how to seek help.
  • Training and awareness raising with those who work with children and families.
  • Online resources such as Parents Protect and others you will find on this page.
  • Engaging with children and young people about respectful relationships and about keeping safe online and offline.
  • The Stop it Now! confidential, freephone Helpline.  0808 1000 90

The Helpline supports this work and offers confidential advice, support and information for these key groups:

  1. Adult abusers and those at risk of abusing.
  2. Family and friends concerned about an adult displaying worrying sexual thoughts or behaviour towards a child.
  3. Parents and carers concerned about a child or young person with worrying sexual behaviour: to encourage them to recognise the signs of concerning or abusive behaviour and to seek advice about what positive action they can take.
  4. Adults concerned about a child or young person who may have been abused.
  5. Professionals calling for case advice.
  6. Adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

When a call is made, callers will not have to give any identifying information such as a family name, address or telephone number.

The Range of Resources Available in English and Welsh

For everyone

What we all need to know, keeping children safe from sexual abuse  WWANTK.jpg (557×591) (

This leaflet is also available in different languages, to support those in Ethnic Minority Groups, for those with Additional Learning Needs and those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Harmful sexual behaviour is addressed in this resource for everyone to use.    HSB-Prevention-Toolkit_MCH21.pdf (

Child sexual abuse prevention leaflet: 2020WG_Campaign_Leaflet_ENG_03FEB20.pdf ( and poster: 2020WG_Poster_Campaign_ENG-1.pdf (

Helpline Card  STOP-Helpline-Cards-JAN21.pdf (

Preventing child sexual abuse leaflet Preventing-Child-Sexual-abuse-English.pdf (

Child’s Play leaflet: stop_booklets_childs_play_preventing_abuse_among_children_and_young_people01_14-1.pdf (

The use of the internet often causes concern: This leaflet addresses problems and concerns:  stop_booklets_the_internet_and_children_whats_the_problem01_14.pdf (

and Preventing-Child-Sexual-abuse-English.pdf ( provides a general overview of the work UK wide.

For Parents and Carers

Child sexual abuse investigations: A guide for parents and carers WG-Non-Abusing-Parent-Guide_FEB21.pdf (

Family Safety Plan Family-Safety-Pack-WEB-JAN16-1.pdf (  provides advice on how to keep children safe in the home.

This leaflet is written to support Parents and Carers to prevent child sexual abuse: What we all need to know:  Child_Sexual_Abuse_Prevention_Parents_ENGLISH_OCT18.pdf (

The SMART rules to share with your children to help you protect your child/ren:

Adult/children English: Download leaflet Parents/carers English: Download leaflet
Adult/children Welsh: 
Download leaflet
Parents/carers Welsh: 
Download leaflet

For Professionals

A toolkit for professionals to help protect children and young people:   WG-Preventing-CSA-Toolkit-for-Practitioners_22FEB22-1.pdf (

This leaflet aims to provide the information we all need to put in place preventative measures, recognise the warning signs of child sexual abuse - and to build the confidence to do something about it. Child_Sexual_Abuse_Prevention_Professionals_ENGLISH_OCT18.pdf (