Don’t Cross the Line

Cyber Crime

About this Lesson

Developed in partnership with Regional Cyber Crime Unit TARIAN RCCU, this lesson highlights the risks involved in cyber crime.

Working to Prevent Cyber Crime

Wales Police Schools Programme and Tarian RCCU are available to deliver Don’t Cross the Line in schools. School Police Officers regularly train with officers from Regional Cyber Crime Unit maintaining their up-to-date awareness of cyber-dependent and cyber-enabled crime affecting young people.

Video ‘Don’t Cross the Line’

Dont-Cross-the-Line-[BSL+ENG] (MP4)
Dont-Cross-the-Line-[ENG] (MP4)
YouTube - Dont Cross the Line (YouTube)

“Don’t Cross the Line” Lesson

The target audience is KS3 in a classroom setting.

Police officers from SchoolBeat and TARIAN RCCU are available to present this across Wales through our partnership.

Digital Defender Booklet (PDF)
Lesson Plan - KS3 Dont Cross the Line to Cyber Crime (PDF)
Resource 1 - Presentation (PPTX)
Resource 2 - Keywords (PDF)
Resource 3 - Cyber Crime Definition (PPTX)
Resource 5 - Jigsaw Mat - Expand to A3 (PDF)
Resource 5a - Jigsaw Statement Cards (PDF)
Resource 6 - Teacher Guide to the Computer Misuse Act (PDF)
Resource 7 - Consequences Scenario Cards (PPTX)
Resource 8 - Teacher Law and Information Card (PDF)
Resource 9 - Glossary of Terms (PDF)
TITAN Handout - Cyber Jobs (PDF)