Agored Cymru Accredited Entry, Level 1 and 2 KS4 Qualification

We have developed a KS4 level 2 (GCSE grade C equivalent) level 1 and Entry level accredited unit of 10 lessons with Agored Cymru. The lessons focus on substance misuse, alcohol misuse, sexual consent, child exploitation and car crime. As part of the 10 lesson unit, pupils receive 5 lessons delivered by a School Community Police Officer, supported by 5 lessons delivered by the class teacher.

The pupils’ achievements can be assessed in one of two ways:

  1. By the class teacher, verified by the internal verifier, and finally passed to the external verifier in a school that is an Accredited Agored Cymru Centre.
  2. By entering the pupils with Agored Cymru directly to enable them to sit an e assessment on line.

The new unit of accredited lessons is specifically aimed at KS4 pupils.  Although the AWSLCP is universal in its approach for all young people, the new accredited unit allows for the development and implementation of a more targeter approach with pupils identified as disengaged from learning or Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs).

Agored Cymru Resources

The unit description, accompanying work book which caters for Entry Three, Level 1 and 2 and the assessment matrix for learners can be found on the Agored Cymru website:

Unit Information: Social and Legal Aspects of Personal Safety

Unit Code Level Unit ID Link
HB1E3CY034 Entry 3 CDJ460
HB11CY075 Level 1 CDF493
HB12CY061 Level 2 CDF494

AWSLCP Resources

Teacher Support Presentation

File link icon for KS4 L1 and 2 teacher support powerpoint.pptKS4 L1 and 2 teacher support powerpoint.ppt

Worksheet Answers

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