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White Ribbon Day 2022

This year, White Ribbon Day falls on the same week as the start of the FIFA men’s World Cup and will highlight 11 traits men and boys can nurture to help create a world of equality and safety for women — that's #TheGoal for White Ribbon Day 2022.


Our School Police Officer team supports pupils with age-appropriate lessons which tackle domestic, gender-based and sexual violence.  SchoolBeat’s 5–16 curriculum of lessons is offered to all schools in Wales.  We aim to provide an approachable, safe adult in each child’s life and to destigmatise speaking up and reporting abuse.

In the last academic year, our officers made 5,418 visits to schools delivering sessions on this topic, which include:

Safe Haven (Age 5–7) Domestic Abuse

Friend or Foe (Age 7–9) Child Abuse Prevention

Griff’s Story (Age 10–11) CSE Prevention

The Right to Be Safe (Age 10–11) Child Rights


Risky Pics (Age 11–12) Self-Generated Images and Peer Pressure

Look Who's Talking (Age 12–13) Grooming / CSE Prevention

Tricked and Trapped (Age 12–13) Child Criminal Exploitation / County Lines

Dangerous Deception (Age 13–14) CSE Prevention

Hidden Hurt (Age 13–14) Domestic Abuse

No Means No (Age 13–16) Sexual Consent

Yes / No (Age 14–16) Sexual Consent

Stand Up Speak Up (Age 14–16) Sexual Harassment