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White Ribbon Day 2020


Standing together with the nation, to raise awareness of White Ribbon Day 2020, the School Community Police Officers (SCPOs) of Wales and all the SchoolBeat team, want to champion the rights of females of all ages to be safeguarded from all kinds of violence and abuse.

SchoolBeat has a number of lessons that raise awareness of safer relationships. SCPOs deliver inputs across Wales around themes such as domestic abuse, sexual consent and Internet safety.

The award winning Hidden Hurt film, helps young people to recognise the signs of abuse in an unhealthy relationship and where to find help and support. In the film we see how Rhys uses coercive control, threats, violence and other abusive behaviours to isolate Carys from family and friends and how she is helped to break free of this control and begin the journey of recovery.

If you, or anyone you know is experiencing an abusive relationship, contact Live Fear Free helpline | GOV.WALES

You can also call the police non-emergency number 101.

Remember in an emergency dial 999. The Police will help anytime, day or night!

For more info check out our Hidden Hurt and No Means No lesson resources on SchoolBeat: Safety-Secondary

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