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Benzo Fury

Benzo Fury 6-APB (1-(benzofuran-6 yl) propan-2-amine)

Street name

Benzo Fury

General Info

Benzo Fury is a branded name for a research chemical and legal high 6-APB (1-(benzofuran-6 yl) propan-2-amine). The substance is a synthetic stimulant. Some test analysis has shown that it contains other substances such as D2PM (Diphenylprolinol). 6-APB has not been properly assessed in terms of pharmacological action, but based on its chemical similarity to other amphetamines and methylenedioxy compounds, it likely acts as a releasing agent and reuptake inhibitor of serotonin and dopamine. It can be found in pellet or white powder form.


  • feeling of stimulation and excitement, perception of increased energy, alertness
  • urge to talk,
  • poor concentration
  • visual and auditory hallucinations (hearing and seeing things)
  • craving to re-dose
  • changes in body temperature
  • suppressed appetite
  • dilated pupils
  • sweating
  • teeth grinding, jaw clenching
  • dry mouth, increased thirst
  • sleeplessness/insomnia.


  • anxiety, paranoia
  • poor concentration
  • mental confusion
  • poor short term memory
  • increased heart rate
  • increased blood pressure
  • chest pains/palpitations. 


Class B (since 10/6/2014)