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GHB (Gammahydroxybutrate) GBL (Gammabutyrolactone)

Street name

4-BD, GBH, GBL, Liquid Ecstasy

General Info

Known as ‘Liquid Ecstasy’ and with a chemical name of (Gammahydroxybutrate) this drug has a powerful sedative and anaesthetic effect. It is usually sold as a colourless, odourless, slightly salty tasting liquid in small bottles or capsules.  It has an association with ‘drink spiking’ and instances of rape and sexual assaults.


  • At low doses, the effects are similar to alcohol, making users feel relaxed, chatty, flirtatious and slightly dizzy
  • With higher doses, users may feel happier, more tactile, but also more drowsy
  • With still higher doses, users are more likely to feel dizzy, nauseous and risk seizures or blacking out
  • The drug causes muscle relaxation.


  • Both GHB and GBL can cause unconsciousness, coma and death
  • Even experienced users are at risk of death
  • Because GHB and GBL can really knock you out, they've been linked to drug assisted sexual assault
  • When mixed badly, it can really burn the mouth
  • GBL/GHB are particularly dangerous when used with alcohol as both act as depressants.


Class B