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NRG-1  (Naphthylpyrovalerone)

Street names

NRG-1, Energy-1, Energy-1 and Rave

General Information

Naphyrone is a stimulant drug. It is closely related to ‘cathinone derivatives,’ including Mephedrone. These are a group of drugs that are cousins of the family of amphetamine compounds. It is an off white / yellow powder which is usually snorted (like Cocaine) or swallowed (‘bombed’) in wraps of paper. If the drug is snorted – a razor blade will be used to chop it into lines on a hard level surface such as a mirror or a sheet of glass or tile.


  • There is little evidence of its long term effects or the risks of taking it
  • NRG-1 is known to induce euphoria, talkativeness, alertness and feelings of empathy
  • Increased body temperature, short attention span, jaw clenching.


  • Anxiety,  paranoia and suicidal tendencies
  • NRG-1 can cause overstimulation of the heart and circulatory system and over excitation of the nervous system
  • Hyperthermia and high blood pressure
  • Use of NRG-1 can lead to fits
  • This drug also reduces inhibitions and can induce drowsiness, coma, seizures and insomnia
  • Death. The risk of death could be increased if used with other substances including alcohol.


Class B