Keeping Safe Online Conference 2023

Online Radicalisation and Extremism

A one-day conference for education practitioners and professionals in Wales

These one-day conferences in Llandudno and Cardiff in March 2023 distilled key information about digital resilience and offered some suggestions about how online safety can best be implemented in schools.

The events, which were funded by the Welsh Government, were designed to benefit education practitioners and professionals including teachers, safeguarding leads in local authorities and members of the regional education consortia.

Working to prevent online Radicalisation and Extremism

Wales Police Schools Programme aims to protect children through providing the School Police Officer as a trusted member of the school community. SPOs work through the year to protect children and young people from online harms.

Hwb-Conference (PPTX)

ACT Early | Prevent radicalisation (Link)
All Wales Prevent Partners Referral Form - English ( (Link)
Children & Young People - Online issues and worries: illegal and offensive content - Hwb ( (Link)
Children’s Advice - Online issues and worries: online radicalisation and extremism - Hwb ( (Link)
Professionals - Inappropriate or offensive content - Hwb ( (Link)
Professionals - Online radicalisation and extremism - Hwb ( (Link)
View from the Expert: Extremism and radicalisation (Hwb) (Link)

Officer Blog: Preventing Extremism

At a time when terrorist threats and activities are in the news, it is natural that parents might be anxious about how their children might be influenced online. It is true that the internet and social media are used by extremists to promote their ideology and recruit or radicalise people, including young people, however, these instances are rare in Wales.

Our SchoolBeat officer gives some advice in the vlog and points to some sources of help and support if you have concerns about your child and radicalisation. The Welsh Government offers some guidance for parents and carers online.

Respecting Me, Respecting You - Activity Book (PDF)
Taflen SchoolBeat Run Hide Tell Gov Ad (PDF)
SchoolBeat: Relationships - Teenage Survival Guide (PDF)
SchoolBeat: Teenage Survival Guide 2 (PDF)
SchoolBeat Officer Blog 7 - Preventing Extremism (YouTube)

SchoolBeat: Activity Books

You can report terrorism related content to the police's Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit.

If you are concerned about your child or another family member or friend being radicalised you can seek advice from the police by calling 101 and, if necessary, complete a Prevent Referral Form so that they can receive local safeguarding support.

If a family member or someone you care for has been referred to the Prevent team, this factsheet is helpful:

PREVENT-Family-Fact-Sheet.pdf (PDF)

SchoolBeat Resources

Your School Police Officer can deliver sessions in your school to raise awareness of radicalisation and extremism. The following shorter presentations are suitable for Primary aged learners.

  • A Tale of Four Friends
  • Playing Fair

Our lesson called Extreme Encounters is suitable for Secondary School aged pupils with the aim of developing an understanding of radicalisation and encourage bystander action.

Extreme-Encounters-ENG (MP4)

Shorter presentations are also available upon request to schools in Wales:

  • Keep Calm and Know the Facts
  • Think B4 U Speak
  • Hate Crime
  • Cyber Safe Friends

SchoolBeat: Behaviour-Secondary – Cultural Identity with sub folder on Extremism

Advice for parents on harmful online content and viral challenges (PDF)
Organisations and Charities (PDF)
SchoolBeat: Support and Report Directory (PDF)