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Sticks and Stones

Y3 Bullying

Crime Prevention Education

Pupils participate in a variety of lively activities to recognise different types of bullying and understand the effect it has on other people. They learn what to do and where to go for help.

0. Lesson Overview - KS2L Sticks and Stones (PDF)
Schools in Wales can request delivery of Sticks and Stones through their local Schools Police Officer. Learn more about our joint working approach on this link.

Teacher Support Materials and Activities

0. Lesson Overview - KS2L Sticks and Stones (PDF)
0. Teacher Notes - KS2L Sticks and Stones (PDF)
1.a. Criminal Behaviour Cue Cards (PDF)
2.a.What's bullying (PDF)
2.b.Why do kids bully (PDF)
2.c.what should you do if you are being bullied (PDF)
2.d.what can you do if a friend is being bullied (PDF)
2.e.How can we stop bullying (PDF)
2.f.How can we stop bullying (PDF)
2.g.words to describe a person being bullied (PDF)
2.h.words to describe an onlooker (PDF)
3.a.What is bullying continuum (PDF)
3.b.What is bullying agree or disagree (PDF)
4. What is a bystander (PPTX)
4a. Taflen raddio (PDF)
6.a.problem page (PDF)
6.b.blank problem page (PDF)
6.c. Survey on bullying - Why are people being bullied (PDF)
6.d. Survey on bullying - Has this happened (PDF)