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I Didn’t Think

Y5-6 Anti-Social Behaviour

Crime Prevention Education

An impactive short film about low-level anti-social behaviour that looks at the same events from the different perspectives of the victim, the perpetrator, and the consequences of the actions. This is followed by discussion, group work and interactive activities to encourage children to consider what constitutes anti-social behaviour, the effect it has on others, and the possible consequences, and offers an opportunity to make positive choices.

0. Lesson Overview - KS2U I Didnt Think (PDF)
Schools in Wales can request delivery of I Didn’t Think through their local Schools Police Officer. Learn more about our joint working approach on this link.

Teacher Support Materials and Activities

0. Lesson Overview - KS2U I Didnt Think (PDF)
0. Teacher Notes - KS2U I Didnt Think (PDF)
2.a.Diary entry Dawn's Dad (PDF)
2.a.Diary entry Dawn (PDF)
2.a.Diary entry Lucy (PDF)
2.a.Diary entry Ricky's Mum (PDF)
2.a.Diary entry Ricky (PDF)
3.a. Role play scenarios (PDF)
4.a. Rickys Story EN (AVI)
4.a. Rickys Story EN (MP4)
5.a Situation Cards Best friends (PDF)
5.a Situation Cards Bestmates (PDF)
5.a Situation Cards There is no where to go (PDF)
5.a Situation Cards Broken glass (PDF)
5.a Situation Cards Graffiti Tagging (PDF)
6a. ASBO Snap Cards (PDF)
8.a. Hotspot photos (PDF)
8.b Hotspot questions (PDF)