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People Who Help Us

Y0–2 Emergency Services

Crime Prevention Education

A variety of visual aids props and stories helps pupils to identify the five services that can help them during an emergency. Through role play they practise making 999 calls and teach Tarian what they have learned.

0. Lesson Overview - FDN People Who Help Us (PDF)
Schools in Wales can request delivery of People Who Help Us through their local Schools Police Officer. Learn more about our joint working approach on this link.

Teacher Support Materials and Activities

0. Lesson Overview - FDN People Who Help Us (PDF)
0. Teacher Notes - FDN People Who Help Us (PDF)
1a.RecapActivity (PPTX)
2.b.HomeLocationCardsnew (PPTX)
2a.HeadingAndResponseCards (PPTX)
2c.SchoolLocationCards (PPTX)
2d.HomePeopleCards (PPTX)
2e.SchoolPeoplCards (PPTX)
2f.CaringPictureCards (PPTX)
3a.Making999all A3Poster (PDF)
3b.RolePlayEmergencyCall (PDF)
3c.ColouringSheetsEmergencyServices (PDF)
3d.999ColouringSheet (PDF)
4.a. Theatre scene (PDF)
4.b. Characters (PDF)
5a-JacksDay-Film-EN (F4V)
5a-JacksDay-Film-EN (MP4)
5a-JacksDay-Film-EN (WMV)
5b Questions (PDF)
5c Pictures (PPTX)
5d Adventure log (PDF)
5e Traffic lights (PDF)